Tonight seems a bit desolate cold, the rain outside the window is still quietly falling.Leaning on the balcony, as long as I think of you, I will feel a little more miss in my heart.It is comforting to know that all is well with you.

Continue to sort out the love letter I want to give you. dear! These matters of the heart, which should have been given to you long ago, and I am still procrastinating.Really ashamed. The love letter was already out of draft, but I changed the draft again one, two, three, four, so that my thoughts were five-six-seven.The bits and pieces of getting along with you, miss you true feelings, intertwined with each other, is confusing.What’s more terrible is that after falling in love with you, I’m so happy I’m at a loss for words.How can I tell you clearly what is in my heart? after all, to your heart, I definitely don’t want to be perfunctory.

A few short days of goodbye to you, miss more and more heavy.Parting is an unforgettable morning, you in the car reluctant to look back at each other, I waved my hand by the roadside pretending to be strong. I can’t resist the emotional hot tears suddenly soaked the corner of the eyes, the bottom of the heart messy into numbness.I look at you secretly and why I hadn’t said more to you? why i could not accompany you on your joint departure. I used to naively thought that my longing would be washed away by time, but who would have expected this to be a wrong judgement! The more I miss you, and it hurts not to meet. I remembered the National Day of Parting, my thoughts of you are little sweet, although I can’t escape the lovesickness and worries, wandering on the riverbank and the ridge. Why is it that the two states of mind are so different from each other? Missing is really elusive,love gave us a common secret.

When you were with me, you said “like a dream”, and I was the same.I miss you all the time, miss every scene with you, miss every word and every word we said when we were together.

Every scene is filled with happiness and every word soaks into my heart. Dear! we enjoyed the moon at Jiange, we strolled the sunset at the ferry….

We still have more beautiful memories. Only sky and earth know , you and I know . Every time aftertaste, timeless fragrance.

Occasionally, you will worry about asking whether “like a dream” is particularly “unreal”. At this moment, I just want to tell you firmly: “I only hope that in this life, you and I work together to weave a better dream.”

Honey! Sometimes I miss you’ll be quiet, as at the end of the text, this little poem I gave you:

The raindrops are light, the eaves are quiet.

Far out into the world.

The heart shakes the dream.

-Xing Xing.

The city meanders into the fog.

mountain jagged road not leading anywhere

layers of wet rain alley

Bright Crimson Flower

Like my eyes.

A piece of my heart is scattered.

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